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IDC's WorkSource Digital Transformation MaturityScape provides a view of the breadth of business issues that encompass the challenges facing leaders who hope to transform how their enterprises acquire, manage, and leverage talent for competitive advantage in the era of the 3rd Platform. IDC defines WorkSource Digital Transformation (DX) as the evolution of the way that organizations achieve organizational objectives by effective sourcing, deployment, and integration of internal resources (both full and part-time employees) and external resources including contract, freelance, and partner assets. Transformation and optimization are improved by adopting strategies that leverage digital interactions, connections, relationships, and tools.

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Section I. Workforce and Talent Management Performance

Section II. Managing Talent

Section III. Source Talent

Section IV. Optimize Work

Section V. Digital Transformation Mindset

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level 1

Ad Hoc: WorkSource Traditionalists

• Poor visibility into talent

• High cost-of-hire with paper-based resumes

• Primarily on-site permanent workforce

• Leverage desktop-, web-, and paper-based processes

• No support for the use of tools to facilitate collaboration

level 2

Opportunistic: WorkSource Opportunists

• Talent is managed in silos

• Deployment of standalone recruiting system

• Some use of contingent labor

• Some groups leverage mobile and/or social tools

• Collaboration is sporadic with a variety of collaboration tools

level 3

Repeatable: WorkSource Progressives

• Talent processes are integrated

• See talent and recruiting processes as aligned

• Broad acceptance of remote workers

• Some use of mobile and social access for specific business activities

• Team cooperation high within groups but not cross-organization

level 4

Managed: WorkSource Transformers

• Understands the new war for talent

• Sourcing focuses on internal as well as external talent

• Reduced turnover with increased hire quality

• Broad mobile and social access to business applications and processes

• Collaboration tools are widely leveraged

level 5

Optimized: WorkSource Disruptors

• Talent is viewed as a competitive advantage

• Top talent tapped whether internal, contingent, contract, or freelance

• Business applications broadly available to remote and mobile workers

• Extensive use of mobile and social tools

• Ubiquitous collaboration